Cosmo provides complete consulting solutions

We are committed to developing cooperation and provide a platform and bridge to connect you with the world. From immigration to business setup, from investment to broking, from trading to destination management, we support all needs of our clients from A to Z.

Who are we helping?

  • Investors and Entrepreneurs

    Invest in or purchase an existing business

  • Startup Entrepreneurs

    Immigrate by starting a business

  • Business Expansion

    Grow your business by introducing it to the global market

  • Individuals & Families

    Self-employed and autonomous workers looking to migrate



We only succeedWhen you succeed.

A happy and satisfied customer, is what all we want.

100% success rate

Since its inception, 100% of projects presented have been validated.

A high level of requirement

We only present real entrepreneurs, with solid projects and every chance of success when they arrive.

Entrepreneurial expertise

Our team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, who know how to support other entrepreneurs.

An optimized process

Between the 1st meeting and the submission, we only take few weeks to analyze and strengthen the project.

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